Attention to Detail

The ultimate quality of our virgin raw honey results from careful management and attention to detail. Many contaminants in beehives are put there by the beekeepers themselves, so even the cleanest environment does not help, if the beekeeper is not careful in his methods.

As a trained scientist, Dr. Flener applies his meticulous scientific mindset and careful attention to detail to his apiary management and honey production. 

This attention to detail starts from the all natural wooden hive materials, to the clean natural wood chips and tinder conk he burns in his smoker, to the fresh wax, avoiding plastics in the honey extraction process, all the way to the high-end materials chosen for packaging. 


AiTO Quality Guarantee

At AiTO Natura, we have our honey tested in the internationally renowned laboratory Quality Services International GmbH in Germany, to guarantee that our honey meets our very high standard

The laboratory tested quality parameters of our raw honey are outstanding.  The exceptionally low HMF value of only 1.2 mg/kg shows that our honey has not been heated and that the beneficial enzymes contained in it are in healthy condition. The lower the HMF, the better the quality.

Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) is a by-product of the break-down of fructose that works as a proxy indicator for the state of enzymes, vitamins and aminoacids in honey. The Finnish Food Authority allows a maximum HMF of 40 mg/kg while the Finnish Beekeepers Association defines good quality honey to have less than 15 mg HMF /kg.

No Pesticides,  No GMOs,  No Antibiotics,  No Pharmaceuticals.

The independent laboratory tests have proven our honey to be free from GMOs and free from  Glyphosate as well as hundreds of other pesticides that were tested.

Our honey has also been tested by the Finnish Food Authority for residues of antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and miticides, and was found to be free of any residue. This came as no surprise, because we do not use antibiotics or synthetic miticides in our apiary. This is also where the our method of using freshly built wax comb pays off.

100% Pure Honey

Our honey is of course made from 100% nectar gathered by the bees from flowers in nature. There is no sugar syrup added or fed to the bees. In fact, in Finland honey is required  by law to be a pure natural product made by honeybees from nectar and/or honeydew.

Scientific research indicates that the amino-acid proline is one of the best quality criterions for determining honey adulteration with added sugar (Bogdanov & Martin, 2002). The proline content of natural honey should be greater than 180 mg/kg (Hermosín et al., 2003). The the QSI laboratory measured the proline content of our honey to be 334 mg/kg, which is well above the desired minimum.

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