Why Virgin Honey Comb?

Honeybees make beeswax to build their home made of wax comb. They store the nectar they gather from flowers in this honeycomb. Freshly made beeswax is almost white, and turns yellow from particles it absorbs from honey and pollen. After a long time of use, the wax slowly turns brown, as it absorbs more and more particles.

The older the wax gets, the less well it absorbs any further particles, and eventually some components actually dilute back into the honey. Virgin beeswax is completely clean, hence it isĀ  the most efficient at absorbing possible impurities, and therefore the purest and best quality honey comes from freshly built, virgin wax comb. Even though we have one of the cleanest environments in the world, we make double sure our honey is as clean as can be, therefore we use fresh wax comb exclusively.

Real, unadulterated beeswax is a valuable commodity; ready built honey comb even more so. Normally, beekeepers give empty honey comb to the bees to fill up again after extracting the honey. This saves the bees a lot of work and notably increases the honey harvest, because it takes the bees a lot of nectar to create new wax.

AiTO Virgin Honey is exceptional because it is made exclusively from honey in freshly built wax comb, because it is important to us that we create the purest and highest quality product. Not reusing old frames significantly diminishes our honey harvest, but we happily sacrifice quantity to increase quality. This sets AiTO Virgin Honey apart from the rest.

AiTO Virgin Honey is like comb honey in a jar. Normally the only way to get honey from freshly built comb is in the form of comb honey, that is honey that is still in the wax comb, not in a jar. AiTO Virign Honey combines the high quality of fresh comb honey with the convenience of extracted honey in a beautiful glass jar.